Poster Session- List of posters

David Collins and Jaimie Stephens.
Enhanced Noisy Depolarizing Channel Parameter Estimation

Dong Liu, Zhenqiang Yin, Wei Chen and Zhengfu Han.
Effects of the random number on quantum key distribution

Koon Tong Goh, Phuc Thinh Le and Valerio Scarani.
Beyond IID for Bell test

Makhamisa Senekane, Mhlambululi Mafu, Kevin Garapo, Abdul Mirza and Francesco Petruccione.
Loss-tolerant prepare-and-measure quantum key distribution protocol

Evgeny Mozgunov.
Constructing Localized states with Circuits

Huy Nguyen Le, Yu Cai, Xingyao Wu, Rafael Rabelo and Valerio Scarani.
Computing and witnessing the complexity of quantum states
Centre for quantum technologies National University of Singapore